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Tactical Living

Mar 22, 2023

Would you ever work for a company that didn’t allow you to express your religious views while you were not on the clock? 


That is the stronghold that the DOJ is attempting to have over every police officer in the United States (read up on SB 960 here).


Recently, a Georgia officer resigned from his job following an investigation that was opened up because he tweeted the following: "Marriage refers to Christ and the church. That's why there's no such thing as homosexual marriage."


While he was cleared of any wrongdoing after being placed on paid leave, his lack of trust with his department and fellow officers made him feel as though he had no other option but to leave the department.


Tune in as Coach Ashlie Walton discusses how Senate Bills such as SB 960 coupled with these types of growing incidents is stripping away the First Amendment Rights from us all.




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