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Tactical Living

Apr 29, 2024

Dive into the world of gatekeeping with us on this episode of the Tactical Living Podcast. Ever wonder why some people withhold information that could greatly benefit others? Join hosts Coach Ashlie Walton and Sergeant Clint Walton as they explore the motivations behind this behavior and its impacts on communities, especially in first responder and military circles.


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Understanding Gatekeeping:

Learn about what gatekeeping means in the realm of information sharing.
Discover the various reasons why people might keep useful insights to themselves, from the desire for control to fear of increased competition.

Test Taking in Training Programs:
Hear about scenarios where seasoned officers or military members might withhold crucial test-preparation advice from newcomers.
Understand how such gatekeeping not only impacts the newcomers’ success but also team cohesion and operational readiness.

Also discussed is the International Coaching Federation (ICF) exam. 

Amazon Influencing Secrets:
Explore how similar competitive behaviors manifest in the civilian sector, particularly among Amazon influencers who guard their successful strategies.
See how these commercial practices mirror those in military and first responder environments and what that means for professional conduct.

The Impact of Gatekeeping:
Delve into how maintaining secrets can foster environments filled with mistrust and competition rather than collaboration and support.
Consider the potential repercussions on morale and efficiency when essential knowledge is not shared, particularly in critical fields like law enforcement and military operations.

Promoting Openness and Cooperation:
Get tips on how both individuals and leaders can cultivate a culture of openness and sharing.
Celebrate success stories where transparency has led to improved outcomes for teams and entire organizations.

Episode Wrap-Up:
Recap the discussion on the downsides of gatekeeping and its broader effects.
Reflect on the benefits of sharing knowledge to enhance group performance and personal growth.

Call to Action:
Reflect on your own experiences with gatekeeping and consider what changes you can initiate to promote a more open environment.
Share your stories or suggestions on how to foster openness in competitive settings, and engage with fellow listeners to spread support for a more collaborative future.
Tune into this episode to better understand how breaking down the barriers of gatekeeping can lead to more robust and supportive networks, especially in professions where unity and rapid information sharing are crucial. Whether you’re actively serving, training, or navigating a civilian role, this discussion will equip you with insights to challenge the status quo of gatekeeping. Join us to help pave the way for a more cooperative and open professional landscape.

All viewpoints discussed in this episode are for entertainment purposes only and are simply our opinions based off of our own experience, background and education.


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