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Tactical Living

Feb 19, 2024

In today's episode of the Tactical Living Podcast, we bring you an inspiring police story in this law enforcement family interview. Discover the inspiration of a police wife's journey after her police officer husband was injured in the line of duty was was told that he could no longer be a police officer. 


💙 Bravery Beyond Duty: Zanna Wolfgang's Mission to Support First Responder Families 💙


Join us on the next LIVE episode of the Tactical Living Podcast for a live interview with Zanna Wolfgang, the co-owner of Honor The Brave. Zanna, alongside her husband Jeff, a former law enforcement officer whose career was tragically cut short, has dedicated her life to supporting families across law enforcement, military, and all first responder communities. ❤️👈


Zanna brings a unique perspective on resilience, sharing her journey through the challenges of first responder family life, from celebrating Christmas at 4:00 am to facing the terrifying uncertainty every time her husband left for work. With Honor The Brave, Zanna and Jeff have transformed their trials into a beacon of support and service for others facing similar paths. 🚔 📢


In this episode, Zanna will discuss the philosophy of "So what, now what?"—a testament to moving forward with purpose and strength, no matter what life throws your way. She'll share insights on cultivating happiness, health, and enduring relationships within the demanding first responder lifestyle. 🎙️❤️


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Visit Honor The Brave HERE.


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