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Tactical Living

Oct 27, 2023

Join us in this episode of the Tactical Living Podcast, where we delve into the controversial decision made by California's Governor Newsom to hike up the hourly wage of fast food workers to $20 starting in April 2023. How does this decision impact the broader economic and professional landscape, especially when we compare it to the wages of our indispensable first responders?

The Economics Behind the Decision:

The ripple effects on the economy: How might this wage hike impact the cost of living, inflation rates, and job availability in the fast-food sector?

The potential job loss: Businesses might automate further or reduce staffing levels to compensate for higher wages.

Comparison with First Responders:

Putting things in perspective: Drawing a comparative analysis between the responsibilities, risks, and demands faced by first responders versus fast food workers.

Dissecting the wage gap: While the intention might be to offer a living wage, does this decision inadvertently undervalue the services and sacrifices of first responders?

Retention and recruitment: How can we attract and retain talent in emergency services when entry-level jobs in other sectors offer competitive, if not higher, wages?
The Nature of Fast Food Jobs:

Historically entry-level: Fast food jobs have traditionally served as a stepping stone for young workers, providing them with essential soft skills and a springboard to move onto other career paths.

Skills and growth: Are we setting a precedent that does not encourage skill development and career advancement?

Addressing the Demand for First Responders:

The looming crisis: With growing urban populations and an increase in emergency situations, there's a pressing need for more first responders.

A call for wage reconsideration: Highlighting the need for a more balanced wage structure that reflects the critical nature and demands of jobs, especially in first responding.


While the intention behind wage hikes might be to provide a better living for workers, it's essential to balance these decisions within the broader context of job value, responsibilities, and societal needs. As we wrap up, we encourage listeners to think about the value we place on different roles in our society and the message we send with our decisions.

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