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Tactical Living

Sep 18, 2023

In this deeply introspective episode of the Tactical Living Podcast, we address a topic that resonates with many – the feeling of displacement and the internal struggles of belonging. We understand that there are times when it feels as though you're merely floating through life, questioning if you truly belong or if you're living out your destined purpose.


But, did you know that your very existence is not by accident? Recent scientific discoveries highlight the remarkable process of conception. An article from Stockholm University reveals that out of 80 to 300 million possible sperm, a woman's egg sends out unique signals, selecting just one. Think about that for a moment. Out of hundreds of millions, you were the one chosen. You can find the full insights in the article linked here.


With this profound realization, it's essential to recognize that you are here for a reason. Every individual has a purpose woven into their existence, and even during the challenging times, remember that you were deliberately chosen. Your journey, your experiences, and your unique contributions to this world were destined.


For those feeling unanchored, remember this: life might be unpredictable, and at times, overwhelmingly difficult. Yet, there's an inherent strength in each of us, born from the fact that we were selected from millions.


In this episode, we'll delve deeper into embracing this truth, understanding our inherent worth, and ways to navigate feelings of doubt. Your sense of purpose and belonging is waiting to be uncovered. Let's journey together to find it.




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