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Tactical Living

Aug 30, 2023

In this illuminating episode of the Tactical Living Podcast, Coach Ashlie Walton and Detective Walton delve into the often uncharted territories of maintaining a strong marital bond, particularly when one or both partners work in the demanding sphere of first responder roles.


Marriage, like any deep connection, requires regular upkeep to thrive. This is even more crucial for those in first responder roles where the nature of the job can be unpredictably stressful, often overshadowing personal lives. To counteract this, Coach Ashlie and Detective Walton emphasize the necessity of occasionally stepping outside the routine.


There's magic, they share, in venturing into the 'unconventional' with your partner. We recently did a hand mold together. Whether it's taking a pottery class together, hiking a trail you've never been on, or simply trying out a cuisine neither of you is familiar with – it’s these unexpected adventures that reignite passion and foster deeper understanding.


The couple shares some practical strategies and creative ideas:


Unplugged Evenings: Dedicate one night a week where both of you go device-free, focusing solely on each other.


Learn Together: Enroll in a class neither of you has tried before. The learning experience can bring about shared laughter and new memories.


Travel Blindly: Plan a trip where neither of you knows the destination till the day of the journey. The thrill of spontaneity can be a delightful change.


Date Jar: Fill a jar with unconventional date ideas. Every month, pick one and make it happen.


Journaling: Maintain a shared journal where you both pen down thoughts, wishes, and shared dreams. Revisiting it can be a beautiful walk down memory lane.


Remember, while these activities create moments of joy, their underlying purpose is to foster communication, understanding, and a shared sense of adventure. These are the cornerstones of a resilient relationship.


As they wrap up, Coach Ashlie and Detective Walton reiterate the beauty of marriages – an evolving journey of love, patience, and rediscovery. And like any beautiful journey, the path isn't always straightforward, but the detours, if taken hand in hand, can lead to the most memorable destinations.




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