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Tactical Living

Oct 23, 2019

Ashlie: (00:17)
Welcome back to another episode of Tactical Living by LEO Warriors. I'm your host, Ashlie Walton.


And I'm your co-host Clint Walton.


In today's episode, we're going to talk about how tapping into that inner instinct can really change the trajectory of someone else's life. So just sit back, relax and enjoy today's content. Something just happened that sort of blew my mind and it started from me brushing my teeth this morning. Let me go back a few steps. When we first started this podcast, things didn't go quite the way as planned. I had a mentor who I gained a really close relationship with

Ashlie: (01:03)
This mentor invited me into his closest circle. He promised me an endless amount of things, and to make a long story short, he did not follow through with a single one of those things.

Ashlie: (01:18)
The byproduct of that was this podcast. He had a producer who produced his podcast and he offered his services to me

Ashlie: (01:30)
And for that I couldn't be more grateful to that mentor, but mostly to this individual.

Ashlie: (01:38)
This individual… I don't even know if he got paid or not for all of the work that he put forth and not only my podcast, but an entire group of podcasts that were being produced at the same time. I will never know the full transparency to that story because of the way that things didn't pan out with all that was promised from said mentor. Getting into that, the relationship that I started to develop with this producer was one that I almost felt sorry for. I don't necessarily know what the relationship looks like between this individual, let's call him Zach. That's a made up name, but to make it easier for the sake of conversation. Zach and my mentor worked side by side, although I know the amount of work that Zach puts forth on a routine basis is just crazy.

Ashlie: (02:37)
And he helped me with the production, the lunch and even showed me how to edit my own podcasts and produce the content that you're listening to right now. It dawned on me during one of our conference calls (we use Zoom, so it's a face to face call) that this is somebody who has helped so many people produce their own shows and he's so skilled in his technical abilities and yet he doesn't have a show of his own.

Ashlie: (03:10)
And if we fast forward to this morning, I started to think of him. There was about a month, maybe it was a month ago when I had reached out to him just to check to see how he was doing.

Ashlie: (03:23)
Selfishly, I did this because there was a conversation that I had with him explaining that I knew that he had a story of his own to tell and it was my wish for him that he would find a place in himself to be able to produce his own content and to create a show of his own.

Ashlie: (03:43)
As I'm brushing my teeth this morning, I told myself I needed to follow up with him again. It's been a few weeks. I wanted to make sure that he knew that I didn't just use him for his services and that he truly means something. I am forever grateful for all that he did in support of our show. That intro that you hear at the beginning of our show was actually custom mixed and curated from him.

Ashlie: (04:09)
And so during the weekend, Clint and I try not to do too much when it comes to work related activities. Although we are recording this episode on the weekend, we try to stay off of social media, so of course that means staying off of Facebook Messenger. So I added it to my mental to do lists for next week.

Ashlie: (04:31)
The craziest thing that happened was that I just received a message from him telling me how impactful it was that I shared with him that his story genuinely needed to be shared with the world and that it put a little bit of fire behind his rear end. I was humbled by this. This made me smile on the inside, but it's not about me

Ashlie: (04:57)
And for me, I look at this as that energy that surrounds us. In the universe. Just like when we have those mindless moments in the shower. It's the same thing for me in the morning when I brush my teeth because I very deliberately have a sort of active meditation every morning when I brush my teeth. I set the intention for the day and that's when my cognitive awareness opens up in a way to where I experienced certain thoughts that maybe I wouldn't when my mind is a little bit more proactive. So getting this message from him today really made me feel connected to him through the universe. As you sit there, that might sound a little woo for you and I'm okay with that.

Ashlie: (05:46)
Because for me, I look at it as a girl sitting on the side of the west coast when he is sitting all the way on the east coast and for whatever reason, two people that don't know each other too well, found this connection to where communication was open between the two of us when our thoughts were somehow still connected. And it's true. I want nothing more for him than to be able to experience all of the greatness that he's helped so many other people to experience. What I explained to him is that he has been the backup singer in so many other bands and yet he's the one with the tactical skills that most people would never put forth the effort to master and he deserves to be that front liner, that lead singer in his own band. I know in past episodes, we've talked about just being an employee and sitting on the sidelines being the one that does all the work. When the main player be at the doctor, the chief of police, whoever that main component is in the place of work gets all the credit.

Ashlie: (07:01)
But this is a man who's a freelancer. He works for himself and he has so much in terms of skills to offer to the world that I'm just eager and excited to hear what his voice is as it streams through my own speakers and it makes me excited for him. In full transparency, this also gives me the ability to make sure that I continue to follow up with him and I do anything that I can to support him and that will help to build on our friendship. It will also help to put forth a little bit of push behind him to where he understands that he has support. I even offered coaching to him if he feels like it would serve him. As you sit there and listen, where is it in your own life that you've needed somebody to push you a little to put that fire underneath your ass? What's that thing that you've wanted to do, but you've let other people take control and be the front runners when maybe you could do a better job than them in your own capability. I know as you sit there, there's something that you're amazingly great at. There's a talent, there's a craft. There's a skill that you've honed in on in a way that you know that you could do better than anybody else around you and yet maybe you've let other people have the light shine on them instead of you.

Ashlie: (08:33)
Why is that? Is it easier? Maybe you feel worried.

Ashlie: (08:42)
Maybe you're scared of the anticipation of not impressing other people

Ashlie: (08:49)
What would happen if you allowed your authenticity to shine through in a way that you didn't need the approval from anybody around you and you did it because of the way that it made you feel inside

Ashlie: (09:01)
You see, I believe that from him not allowing that inner energy to be released, he's genuinely doing the world a disservice because it is information, its value, it's past experiences and it's things that are so relatable to so many other people that he's just holding it inside and what purpose does that serve?

Ashlie: (09:25)
That prevents him from allowing himself to be fully exposed in a way that serves him. And it also puts other people in a position to where maybe they too feel like it's okay to keep all of that inside and to never show their truths. And ultimately, what that means is it prevents him from growing. I say that because he shared with me that that's just something that he's had in his past as something that he could potentially do in the future. And if we don't have anybody encouraging us and sometimes putting that fire underneath our ass, it becomes easy to just be complacent and to let other people run the show.

Ashlie: (10:10)
But on the backside of that, there is so much more empowerment that comes from owning what it is that makes you, you.

Ashlie: (10:18)
And it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be a show off.

Ashlie: (10:24)
But what this does mean is that when you're able to showcase those things that make you so great, it allows you to attract your tribe.

Ashlie: (10:34)
And again, this isn't somebody that I'm very close with, but I would imagine that having genuine members of his tribe grow and grow would be something that would be welcoming for him. As you sit there, wouldn't you want more people that are like minded? More people that are real and genuinely supportive of your own thoughts, your own ideas, your own creativity? How can you get that if you don't show other people that those are the truths about you? And what I believe to be true is when you have the courage to expose those vulnerable realities of everything that makes up who you are, then you're really able to enjoy your Tactical Living.


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