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Tactical Living

Sep 25, 2019

Ashlie: (00:18)
Welcome back to another episode of tactical living by LEO Warriors. I'm your host, Ashlie Walton


And I'm your co-host Clint Walton.


In today's episode, I want to talk about how finding commodity in the most unlikely of places can really change your outlook on things. So just sit back, relax and enjoy today's content. Clinton, I were afforded the opportunity to enjoy a two and a half day fishing trip with a boat full of police officers this past weekend. We are still exhausted. We're actually finding it a little difficult to get back into our normal work routine that we're used to, but something I was thinking about.

Ashlie: (01:09)
It's a moment that happened on the boat that I'll probably never forget. Clint and I have gone fishing several times and I've never once gotten sick when we're in the middle of the ocean. Actually, the only time was when we took a cruise, coincidentally enough, but bobbing up and down in the middle of the ocean on a smaller boat has never been an issue for me. We were a little bit worried on this trip because there were several people that we've never gone out with before and we were worried that they were going to get sick. Something happened that first night and the captain told me that this was a slow rocking boat and that the experience was a little bit different than most of the other boats that we've been on and almost immediately getting onto that boat. I knew that I didn't feel right

Ashlie: (02:10)
We had this amazing raffle. There was some really cool prizes and I think that that energy sort of took my mind off of feeling sick. We ate a fish taco and as soon as I ate it, it was one of those things where you know when you're going to get food poisoning, you just don't quite feel right about what's being introduced into your body. Your body is literally not accepting it. Maybe you eat it anyways. You eat the whole thing, you eat some of it. Well, that's what happened to me. As I'm telling you this, I'm recounting it. I literally am feeling nauseous. Just thinking about the fact of ever eating a fish taco again. I don't know if there was something wrong with this fish taco or what the deal was, but that sort of set it off for me and ever since

Ashlie: (02:59)
In that moment, I just tried to make myself sick because I knew that was the only thing that was going to make me feel better. Sorry if that's a little graphic, but that's how it is on the boat.  

Ashlie: (03:11)
so we go out to the back of the boat. Mind you, I'm the only girl surrounded by a bunch of men, men who are like egging you on to get sick to be honest with you. And I wasn't quite there. I tried to like think of things to make myself sick.

Clint: (03:29)
It's funny that you're talking about this because I remember standing back there with you and I see just one of my partners run out from the galley and just puke over the side

Ashlie: (03:41)
And that's what I'm getting at. So we're on the side of the boat and one of cleanse old partners. He is notorious for getting sick on these trips all the time. So when he comes out there I'm like, okay cool. Like he's going to puke and if I just watch him puke it's gonna make me sick and then like I'll be fine. So I'm waiting for it to happen. And then another one at cleanse partners comes and all three of us are like hanging over the rails. K they're about to get sick, but I'm just waiting for them to get sick so that I can like do my thing and be done with it.

Ashlie: (04:19)
And then one of the other guys on the boat comes and stands behind all of us. He might've had a little bit too much to drink. He is literally ageing all three of us on to get sick. Like just telling us just to let it go and like you'll be fine after like come on guys. Like he couldn't wait for us to just get sick. And

Ashlie: (04:43)
I'm sure that, I'm sure that out of like the pure enjoyment of that, like the rest of the boat, well I didn't even pay attention to them but I'm thinking about it now. They, they must've been laughing their asses off just watching this take place and so we all were staring at each other like it was the weirdest thing because I remember it's pitch dark. There is a light on the boat so that's the only light we can use to see one another in all three of us are like looking over at one another and for me I'm like Shit, I'm actually like the last person in the very back of the boat. Maybe this wasn't the best place for me to stand because the other two are next to me, like directly to my left and I just hear, I just hear just going off just telling us to just like go, go, go.

Ashlie: (05:32)
And then finally the guy in the middle starts to throw up and I'm like, okay, great. Like, well I'm just going to watch him. I'm literally just staring at him, trying to throw up. But the guy is in the back like jumping with excitement like so, so happy that that this guy is just puking all over the side of the boat. And then I'm looking at guy number one and he's staring at me and could tell he's like trying to hold it back and like maybe he was also waiting for me to get sick. But having already in back of me, it was so funny that like my nausea went away. Like I still didn't feel good but like that whole terribly, you know like the whole saliva build up in your mouth sort of deal like that went away just out of pure humor.

Ashlie: (06:20)
And then finally guy number one pukes and then other guy is going crazy. Like it's some big party and then they're all looking at me like waiting for me to just puke. And I was just like just, I was just too into this guy and his excitement for what was happening that that just didn't happen for me at that time. And something happened in that moment of like the, the most pure vulnerability. Like, if you've never been out on a boat when you feel sick, like it's probably difficult to understand. But that is the worst feeling I think I've ever experienced physically in my entire life is to be sick on a boat. Like you want nothing more than to just like shoot me now, let it be done with like, cause there's nothing you can do. The boat's not gonna turn around. Like a helicopter isn't coming to save you.

Ashlie: (07:12)
Like you're going to have to tough this out. And mind you, this was just on a Thursday. We weren't coming home until Sunday, so I still felt sick and I didn't, I didn't get the opportunity to throw up that night. So I went to bed and luckily the next morning I was able to like get sick and then I felt completely fine for the rest of the trip. But the relationship between me and guy one and guy two throughout that entire trip, it seemed to be a little bit more connected. And I think that stems from being in this place of literally we just felt like we were dying or at the very least we wanted to die because of how miserable it faults. But as sadistic as that sounds, there's this sort of comfort that came along with that because everybody else on the boat was completely supportive and understanding because even those that didn't feel sick to their stomach but still felt a little off, like they understood what we were all going through and it wasn't a matter of like, Oh, poor Ashlie, you're a girl.

Ashlie: (08:19)
Like never once did I feel that. But it helped to create this inner bond between us. And there was a firefighter on the boat that we had met for the first time and he was so kind to everybody on the boat and he had brought some Zofran. It's a very, very strong anti-nausea medication. They actually use it for chemotherapy patients. And he had offered one of those to me and to some other people on the boat. And it just, it really helped to set that foundation for us, setting off into the unknown as we traveled in the middle of the night to go fishing and to enjoy our time together. And I think that that type of environment, not only us getting sick, but just seeing the way that everybody was interacting with one another, it helps to create an even better trip than we thought it was going to be.

Clint: (09:16)
And I think the big thing with that is, you know, we all checked in on one another. Those who got sick, those who weren't sick, it was just that brotherhood and sisterhood of wanting to make sure everyone's okay because we all wanted each other to have a fun time and seeing people sick like that. It's a miserable feeling and you don't want anyone to not enjoy their time because of it.

Ashlie: (09:45)
It's true. If I could think of one thing that I would never want anybody to experience even more so than the physical pain of an injury that I've felt or surgeries that I felt like the worst is being sick like that in the middle of the ocean. So of course like you would never want that to happen to anybody that you're sharing space with, especially in a confined space like you are when we were on the boat.

Ashlie: (10:11)
But even the commodity of being next to each other while we were fishing, it's, it's definitely, it's definitely a craft, right? To be able to fish alongside other fishermen on a boat. It's not just like you pop your line in the water and then you'd just go with it. It takes them some teamwork and I felt that that teamwork started to build more and more as we were on the boat, the longer and longer we were on the boat and people got the hang of it. And as you sit there, if you've never been fishing on a boat like this before, when when you're fishing, you literally have to start rotating in order to make sure that your aligns don't get tangled with one another's. And if you're not paying attention, which yes it happened, then your line can easily cross and create a huge mess.

Ashlie: (11:00)
Or if you're really not paying attention and you decide to drop your line against the current where everybody else's lions are going, you can literally tangle the entire boat's lines by that one. Careless mistake. And being able to chime in with one another and just say like, Hey, don't drop your line there. Like nobody got mad at that. Everybody was, was in the same mood. Everybody was there to have a good time and really just build on that relationship with one another. And I can't wait to go out again. I can't wait to see these people again. Especially some of the ones that we had the opportunity to meet for the very first time.

Clint: (11:40)
And what was cool about this trip too is you know the people that you're talking about. Have we met for the first time, they were great guys and I really enjoyed fishing with them and they enjoyed fishing with us and we were able to create that bonding with them. So to further ourselves in that world and, and friendships, new friendships with them is just a great feeling.

Ashlie: (12:08)
It is. And it's not like you're meeting up at a concert to meet some new people. The dynamics of a deep sea fishing trip like this really helped to instill that bond even further, even upon first meeting.

Clint: (12:21)
Yeah, and I mean, we literally lived on the boat with him for two and a half days. I mean, you can't get in tighter quarters in that.

Ashlie: (12:32)
And what I want to stress to you today is the importance of just being open, being open to the opportunity of creating bonds, even in the most unlikely of places. It's so easy for us to be waiting in line for our coffee and staring at our cell phones. But what would happen if you put your phone away and started to engage with the person behind you in line? These are the types of things that I think we're losing connection with, with humanity in general, and by being able to just be more alert and more cohesive with the fundamentals of being a human being and having that human connection with one another, then you're really able to enjoy your Tactical Living.

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