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Tactical Living

Aug 30, 2019

911, what’s the nature of your emergency? 

Ashlie: Welcome back to another episode of Tactical Living by LEO Warriors. I'm your host Ashlie Walton. 

Clint: And I’m your co-host Clint Walton.


Ashlie: Today's episode is going to be a little bit different. It's different because it has a little bit more of a somber theme to it. I say this because this comes from a place of understanding that your life could change in an instant. And that doesn't necessarily have to be from your own story. So just sit back, relax and enjoy today's content. Clint has an amazing mentor, somebody that I’ve grown very fond of over the years. Somebody who I’ve gotten to know on a professional and a personal level. His entire life changed in the most unexpected way and this has impacted me. And it's impacted Clint. Out of respect for him and his family I’m not going to disclose the details of who he is. I'm not going to disclose the details of who we're about to talk about. I will say that this information has become public. There's a go fund me campaign going. I will leave it down in the show notes and ask that if you feel so inclined to do so that you help out financially in any way that you can. Clint, I ask that you just take the lead here and kind of share a little bit about what happened. 

Clint: You know this mentor of mine he's been super impactful not only in my career but in so many people's lives throughout the city I work for. He has never thought once about taking something for himself but to just giving more and more throughout the community into other officers. So about two months ago now I called him up, because he was off work and just to give him a hard time saying we need to go to dinner and I haven't heard from you in a couple of weeks. So it's kind of bullshit and after I said that he responded to me of did you hear what happened. And I said no and he explained to me the story that his girlfriend was out riding horses, something she absolutely loved to do. She loved horses she came out on our mountain deployments and would ride with us and just really enjoy being around us with the horses and her own horse.


So she went out one evening and just went for a normal trail ride and my mentor at the time was just at home just doing stuff around the house and his neighbor came over and said, did you see that your girlfriend's horses back within its stable all tacked up and ready to go and your girlfriend's not around. So he goes out there and looks and so an overwhelming feeling came over him and he began to run along the trail where she normally rides. As he did this for about a half a mile he saw her laying on the ground in the middle of the trail with another lady over her. At this time he calls 911 and they start their response and tries to figure out and piece together what happened. She's unconscious, not responding and she definitely has injuries. They fly her to a local hospital and he follows over there. She sustained severe head trauma and went under numerous surgeries those first few days just to alleviate their pressure and swelling that was caused by that head trauma. Over time things were looking very very grim and a lot of people didn't think she was going to make it from this and as he's explaining it to me, I got that sinking pit in my stomach of, oh shit this is just not good. As time goes on she's battled infections, she's battled the swelling. There was a few surgeries where they said she has a 20 percent chance of survival from it. But she powered through and she's still powering through to this day. She hasn't spoken yet, but she's still responsive. She's alert for the most part and she's able to shake her head yes and no. And she recognizes the people and who she knows. But we still don't know how deep that trauma really is. She's still sitting in a rehab clinic right now with a large portion of her skull off to make sure that the swelling doesn't return. There are still more surgeries in her future and a really really long road to recovery and fortunately steam to where we're at today with this, but the last time I talked to my mentor I could just tell a complete mindset from where he was two months ago to where he is today. I believe everything in our universe happens for a reason and I’m not saying that his girlfriend deserved this. But other aspects of life that occurred up to that point happened for a reason and I won't go into details on that. But he's so content, he's so happy knowing that he's there for her. And I know she feels the same and in looking at that and seeing his mindset shift it's been really not only inspiring, but eye opening to his character. His character is someone who he's always given forth any effort, any and all of his efforts to everyone else. Now he's taking that time for himself and for his girlfriend and all of his priorities has shifted. 

Ashlie: And when Clint first told me this story I couldn't believe that this was really happening. I am talking about a man and a woman who interject the highest level of strength that I’ve ever seen in a couple. A couple who showcase such a high level of support and intent no matter who they come into contact with that it just draws you towards them. This woman was a practicing attorney. This woman knew equestrian riding like the back of her hand. This woman was somebody who I do not believe made any sort of mistake. It was a freak accident. Something so unexpected changed their entire lives forever. It changed the amount of support that this man is now able to have for his family. And just by reading and constantly following their journey I see how humble he has become in his own life. To know that this woman might never practice law again, I cant imagine to have worked so hard your entire life to get to this place of excellence and then to have it all taken away from you. It's not fair. Why were these cards dealt in the way that they were. The questions will probably never end. But it's changed the way that I view how easy it is for it all to be taken away. Doing something as simple as going out into your routine that you do probably every single day and then something like this could happen. In your entire world, the entire nature of your family would change forever. And as we continue to follow this story I am so inspired to see the strength and dedication that a man can have for the person that he loves. How a man who has so many facets and investments in the lives of so many people around him can shut that all off and understand with great vindication what his priorities are and it can't be easy. We've tried to support him in any way that we can, while still giving grace to the fact that he needs to be the one to call the shots. He needs to be the one to say when he's comfortable visits. He is to be the one that's comfortable to ask for the help where he needs it. But I know from what his share that there's been such a great outpouring of help and support from people in his circle, both near and extended that have come together in any way that they can to try to help in such a devastating time in his life. And the amazing thing is his commitment to it. He knows this is his new life. This is his new reality.


He's accepted it. And at least on the outer surface he's not showcasing any sort of resentment. As Clint has described it's quite the opposite of that. He's showcasing that he's come to terms with where he's at right now in his life. He's at peace and I think a part of that is because of the strength that he has that maybe the universe has primed him to be able to deal with something that most people would have never been able to deal with. And as you're sitting there listening, how does a story like this impact you in your own life? Have you experienced anything like this before? How can you grow and learn from the devastation and tragedy that someone else's faced? This is real life. This isn't some made up story. This is not some over fabricated story that the media is trying to sell you. This is the reality of how somebody who had everything seemingly perfect in their lives have had it all taken away in an instant. And yet they've been able to grow and persevere and lean on people whenever they needed it. And we'll continue to need it. And it's my hope that as you listen to this, you're able to encompass any kind of ways that you're able to use this story to empower yourself and all of the what if situations. Because when you're able to step back and not take the simple things for granted and you're able to slow down and be humbled by the situations and devastation that other people are facing, you just might be able to enjoy your Tactical Living.


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