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Tactical Living

Jun 21, 2021

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When we live in stress, we live in survival.

Here is how stress plays out in our bodies: Stressful event – Sympathetic nervous system turns on – HIGH ENERGY IS PRODUCED – Resources Automatically come into action: pupils dilate, heart and RR increase (run, fight, hide), increased glucose, blood shoots to our external extremities so we can react quickly. Immune system dials up and down so that we have the option to either escape or fight. Instinct kicks in.

In today’s episode, I am going to share with you some valuable information that directly relates to your operating system. The book is by Dr. Joe Dispenza and is called Becoming Supernatural.

In his book, Dr. Dispenza shares a story about a woman named Anna whose husband jumps off of a bridge and kills himself.

He goes on to explain that typically, our bodies will return to homeostasis within a few hours or less. In this case, Anna kept reliving the story about what happened to her husband. When this happens, no organism on earth can endure living in high-stress states for a long period of time. We as humans have the ability to remember past events, thinking about our problems and forecasting future problems. Our bodies do not know the difference between the initial event that created the stress response and the memory of the event.

Tune in to learn ways that you can help to control your stress response and ultimately create a more fulfilling and long life.


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