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Tactical Living

Apr 28, 2023

Welcome to our podcast, where we discuss the unique challenges faced by police officers and their families. Today's episode is focused on police wives and the importance of respecting their police husbands when they are out on a critical call.

Being a police officer is a demanding job that requires dedication and bravery. When a police officer is out on a critical call, it is important for their spouse to understand the seriousness of the situation and respect the fact that they are not able to communicate with them immediately.

During this episode, we will be speaking with police officers and their wives to discuss the impact that a lack of respect can have on a police officer's ability to do their job effectively. We will explore the importance of trust and communication between spouses, and the potential dangers that can arise when a police officer is distracted by their personal life while on the job.

We will also discuss some alternative activities that police wives can engage in while waiting for their spouses to reach out to them. Whether it be volunteering, taking up a hobby, or spending time with friends and family, it is important for police wives to find ways to occupy their time and reduce their anxiety while their spouses are on duty.

Join Coach Ashlie Walton and Detective Walton for this insightful conversation about the unique challenges faced by police officers and their families, and the importance of respecting their husbands when they are out on a critical call.




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