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Tactical Living

Mar 24, 2023

Did you know that inside of the U.S. Capital, there is a National Statuary Hall Collection that has 100 statues that were contributed by all 50 states? 


These MASSIVE statues are a wonder to pay witness to; however, after a capital tour, I was shocked to hear that replacing these statues was a common voting topic, at the taxpayer’s expense.


While I couldn’t find a release of capital budget for these statue replacements, I did find that replacing bronze statues costs upwards of $100,000 (that’s $100,000 of your tax dollars).


The reason this surprised me so much was because the entire tour educated me on the fact that there are several voting topics that, in my opinion, are simply a waste of time and money.


It also surprised me to learn that the Senate has their own subway system in the capital


I spent a lot of time people watching and paying attention to the way that people in the capital were dressed and carried themselves.


It got me wondering just how successful people in Washington D.C. are. It turns out that the average salary in D.C. is somewhere around $77,000/year. Couple that with the massive prices for rent (most people don’t own their own homes) and buying into public transportation since most people rely on this instead of owning their own vehicle.


In today’s episode, Coach Ashlie Walton and Detective Walton break apart what success is…


How we all view success in different ways and why you just might be more successful than you give yourself credit for.




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