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Tactical Living

Sep 23, 2022

Do you know how to make a deal with God?


If you’re one of the lucky few, you’ve learned how to let go and truly trust the process.


This is one of the reminders that I share with my clients during the beginning of our coaching sessions.


Sometimes, we get so caught up in the grind of things that we start to feel discouraged when things don’t go our way or when we don’t see the results that we are looking for.


My own coach shared a story with me about a golfer who was taught to focus more on the process, show up, give his 100% each time and to completely disregard the outcome.


In other words, he was asked to focus on his strategy and to perfect his game instead of being so concerned with winning.


He made a million-dollar shot and he didn’t even realize that he won until his wife came running onto the field to congratulate him.


Talk about someone who learned how to trust the process.


In today’s episode, Coach Ashlie Walton and Detective Walton break down the process for letting go of the outcome and how to actually make a deal with God.




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